21 Collaborative Art ProjectJanuary 4, 2017

21 Collaborative Art Project

By: Jen Cooper Teemer

The 21 Collaborative Art Project made its debut in St. Louis in 2016. The month’s long project culminated with a Gallery Showing and Auction on October 7th at Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers in the Central West End. It was the perfect venue to highlight the artistic collaborations and for the public to come in to view, meet the artists and have the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind creation.

Twenty one young adults with Down syndrome were selected to be paired with a working artist to create a unique and collaborative piece of artwork.  Each pairing would meet to discuss concept and to put in the studio time to create their piece. Some groups met many times due to the detailing in their project.

There was a wide variety of mediums on display including painting, photography, 3D art, woodworking, jewelry design and more.  Each piece had a story behind it and all of the artists had the opportunity to stand up with their artwork during the auction.

The impact that the 21 Collaborative Art Project had on the Self-Advocates with Down syndrome was profound. For many, it was their first time engaging in art to express their creative side. For others, it was an amazing opportunity to work alongside a professional artist and to expand their horizons.

The Pujols Family Foundation would like to thank all of the Artists and Self Advocates that poured in their time, talent and heart to making this a successful program and event.


Ahzad Bogosian with Erin Scully

Bunny Burson with Justin Cote

Shawn Calderon & Katie Coughlan with Kaitlyn Trower

Nick Dunne with Neha Naik

John & Carolyn Dyess with Paige Brune

Leslie Faust with Derek Vogelpohl

Carol Fleming Marks with Devin Haffey

Gina Grafos with Brandon Coyne

Bryan Haynes with Miki Cunningham

Russell Irwin with Carrie Jeans

Anna Keenan with Jessica Perry

Andrew Millner with Harrison Schmitt

Nancy Newman Rice with Christa Roth

Brian D. Smith with Colin Goodwin

Eric Smith with Christopher Pingsterhaus

David Stine with Kamali Mitchell

David Dale Suttle with Samantha Fritz

Amanda Verbeck with Jenny Hanson

Jeff Weigel with Gabriel Cobb

Jonathan White with Brian Williams

Rick Wood with Jesse Brooks



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