The Pujols Family Foundation has a mission to live and share our commitment to faith, family, and others. The discover pages introduce the heart of Albert Pujols and his personal walk of faith. Resources are available in this section to see what we believe when we speak of our Faith in Christ. Finally, this section shows the great importance of winning the Roberto Clemente Award and how it excelled the Pujols Family Foundation to national recognition in 2008.

A message of faith from Albert

It makes sense for the Pujols Family Foundation website to have information about what our foundation does, our events, and ways to partner with us. We obviously care greatly about people and families who live with Down syndrome, as well as those impoverished families I left behind in the Dominican Republic. But why “Faith?” Why is “Faith” the first word in our mission statement: “Faith, Family and Others?”
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When the Pujols Family Foundation launched in 2005, Albert Pujols had no idea what kind of response would be seen in the community. The support has been overwhelming from all sectors: private, business and religious. The Foundation and the beneficiaries of this work have been touched by people across the country and, literally, throughout the world. Become a Sponsor. There are several ways to become a sponsor with the Pujols Family Foundation. As a public charity, we are always in need of people and companies who are passionate about our mission to get involved.

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Roberto Clemente Award

If you ever have the privilege of visiting the home of Albert Pujols there are a few things that are certain. The first is that Albert will show you his award. Keep in mind, Albert Pujols has amassed almost every award and trophy Major League Baseball has to offer and he has each one displayed in a marvelous trophy case in his home.
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