Albert’s work ethic dazzles new teammates

At Albert’s introductory press conference, Angels owner Arte Moreno immediately thanked “our partners at Fox.” The partners wanted Pujols, because it is all about entertainment in Los Angeles. And Moreno knows that when the Dodgers get their new ownership, the war for the second biggest market will be intense and costly.

Arrival of Pujols Brings Joy, and Risk, to Angels

“I just fell over: ‘Are you serious, stop joking!’ ” Hunter said. “I ran through the little workout facility screaming, ‘We got Pujols!’ ”

The Angel as guardian: Albert Pujols’ charitable commitment

Baseball is a game of endless numbers and statistics, but here’s a line you’ve probably never seen before: From May 2005 through last May, Albert Pujols hit .527 (39 for 74) in 22 games, with 12 homers and 25 runs batted in, following events in which he interacted with people with Down syndrome.

Albert Pujols signs with the L.A. Angels

Is Albert Pujols the best baseball player ever? Consider his stats over his first 10 years: he never hit less than .300, never had less than 30 homeruns, and never had fewer than 100 RBIs.

SPREADING THE WORD: An open letter to Albert Pujols

By the time you read this the World Series may be decided and you and I will be turning another page in our “relationship.”

Mr. Octo’bert: Pujols’ 3 HRs answer critics

It would not have been unreasonable to think Albert Pujols had nothing left to accomplish in baseball. It just would have been wrong.

Bernie: Pujols’ performance is one for the ages

When the scoreboard stopped flashing, when the smoke cleared, when the Texas Rangers’ pitchers wobbled into the clubhouse to receive stitches, Albert Pujols finally dropped his bat.

Despite slow start, Pujols never panicked

As an entire city fretted over his slow start, Albert Pujols remained calm. So did his teammates and his manager. The people in the Cardinals’ clubhouse never doubted that Pujols would look like himself again, and soon.

Bernie Bytes: Pujols for MVP?

Is it too late for Albert Pujols to make a serious bid for the National League MVP award? Probably so. But the possibility, while obviously a longshot, isn’t without merit.


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