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2012 Mother’s Scrapbooking Event

March 24, 2012

By: Kristen Hearn
Pujols Family Foundation Intern

It was an unseasonably warm and sunny Saturday morning in March, and a perfect day to hold the Pujols Picture Party Scrapbooking Event. Town and Country, Missouri and the Garden Villas welcomed us to this “moms only” event. Eager mothers checked in as the time grew closer, ready to get a start on their scrapbooking. There were veteran scrapbookers that came in with pieces of luggage that were full of supplies, and there were also some newbies that came with just their special family pictures. Both groups showed up with a terrific attitude and lots of enthusiasm. Everyone hurriedly got signed in and then gathered around in prayer. After that, it was time for the main event:  scrapbooking! There were stations set up for tutorials, such as designing a particular kind of scrapbook page and making your own card.

An expert from Hobby Lobby was also on hand to give tips to those new at scrapbooking. Some moms were seen gathering around a table that had beautiful samples of finished scrapbooks, lovingly brought by some of the volunteers of the event. The moms excitedly received some new loot, to include new scrapbooks, stamps, letter stickers, and colorful pages to add to their collection. It didn’t take long for the moms to get to know each other. They reconnected with old friends and made new ones, and were soon busy with their scrapbooks.

As I walked around, I was thrilled to see everyone talking and working. I felt blessed to hear the stories being shared, and even got a sneak peek of some of their unique and amazing projects. Every mom was eager to brag about their kids, young and old. Pages upon pages were being built showcasing many milestones, from a toddler taking their first steps to a son or daughter graduating from high school. Every time I inquired about one thing or another, the moms were more than happy to share their memories with me.  Smiles were in abundance, and I heard more than once how happy the moms were to have a dedicated place and time to concentrate on one of their favorite hobbies. One of those moms present, Debbie, said that she “doesn’t normally get the chance to make time to do this, and that (she) appreciates being able to share some of that time with the other mothers”.

A wonderful lunch was served, provided by our friends at the Garden Villas, which offered an opportunity for everyone to take a break outside in the beautiful weather. Smiles and laughter were a common lunchtime theme, and the moms really seemed to get a chance to relax and perhaps forget all about any undone housework or errands still to be done, even if just for a moment. Program Manager, Jen Cooper shared, “The reason we started this event four years ago was not so that we could get moms producing intricate scrapbooks, but to offer an opportunity to bring the moms together in a safe and supportive environment. Scrapbooking, photos and storytelling are just the catalyst to build connections and strengthen bonds”.

Once lunch was over, it was back to the task at hand! The time went by quickly, however, and soon the time had come to call it a day. Some special scrapbooking items were raffled off at the end, and we all got ready to conclude the event. It was a wonderful day of making new friends, seeing old ones, starting and finishing projects, and promises of showcasing their finished projects at the next Scrapbooking Event.

This was Intern Kristen’s first event at the Pujols Family Foundation. She appreciates the opportunity to work more with the families associated with the PFF, and to serve as a small part of the Foundation’s mission of “Faith, Family, and Others.”


March 24, 2012
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