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The Always Magical Magic House

June 28, 2012

By: Kristen Hearn

It was the hottest day St. Louis had seen so far this summer. But, that didn’t stop the loyal group that came to attend the Pujols Family Foundation’s Magic House event. One by one (and about 550 people in all), the families anxiously lined up; ready to get inside and burn off some of that built up energy. And the parents were more than happy to oblige! Volunteers were ready with pens and markers in hand, checking in the families, explaining the rules (rules? What rules?), and letting them know that there were cookies and beverages waiting for them inside. Many of the eyes of those that were waiting popped at the word “cookie,” and there were even a few that decided to make a run for the tasty treats, often causing mom or dad to follow quickly behind. One parent even proclaimed, “We’ve got a runner,” causing even more excitement for those waiting beyond the magical hallway.

The families were rapidly at work, visiting the many interesting exhibits that the Magic House has to offer. You could hear laughing from one corner, where the kids were touching an electrically charged ball, causing a “hair-raising” experience (literally). Kids were also making 3-D impressions of themselves, making the silliest faces they could think of to the delight of their family and other guests. The kiddos could even have a simulated “race” in the fitness center, letting them experience what it would be like to derby in a wheelchair, showing off both their curious and compassionate sides.

Fun for mom and dad (and other family guests) was to be had as well! Besides getting to chase around their little ones, they were witness to the all the excitement going on in the children’s village, where the kids ran imaginary pizza parlors, grocery stores, and even veterinary offices! You could definitely see some potential future careers in the making.

Jen Cooper, the Programs Director at the PFF, was glad to see the turn out. “We were so thrilled by the response that we had to last year’s family event at Grant’s Farm that we knew that we needed to offer another fun family experience this year. The Magic House was the perfect fit, allowing all families of different ages and sizes to experience this unique St. Louis tradition.”

There was something for everyone from the young and old to the new and familiar faces alike. McKenna’s mom Cory said, while watching her little one hard at work, “We really enjoy these events.  They are really good for the kids to be able to have social time with others that have the same abilities they do.” And when Leslie, one of the more familiar faces around the PFF, was asked to choose her favorite activity, she just couldn’t do it. She exclaimed that “all of them” were her favorite, and that she was glad to stay cool on such a hot day, surrounded by all of her favorite people.  And although most of the parents were well spent after such an afternoon, I am sure that they would agree that the Magic House was a much-appreciated ‘cool’ experience for all.


June 28, 2012
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