Let’s Celebrate World Down Syndrome DayMarch 15, 2018

We strongly believe that the lives of those with Down syndrome should be celebrated each and every day. March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, is a perfect time to show a little extra love for the Down syndrome community! Here are a few ways you can show your support:

Wear blue & yellow–the colors for Down syndrome awareness.

Volunteer with an organization that supports the Down syndrome community. Learn how you can volunteer with the PFF.

Make a list of 21 reasons you choose to celebrate Down syndrome–then share it with others.

Get a #LuckyFewTattoo (or, request temporary ones here: https://may-designs-studio.typeform.com/to/WcfWFi)

Use the hashtag #WDSD18, and add a frame to your Facebook profile picture (here’s how: https://www.facebook.com/help/115229555800383). We made a special one just for #WDSD18! Download it here.

Learn more! Study up on Down syndrome–we suggest some of these topics: What is Down syndrome?; History of World Down Syndrome Day; Resources available to people with Down syndrome in your community; Self-advocates in the news–like the new Gerber Baby, or our good friend Elijah.

Get some Down syndrome swag, like notebooks, phone cases, tumblers, socks, shirts, bracelets and more! The best part? All of these companies give back to organizations that benefit the Down syndrome community and/or employ individuals with Down syndrome.

Donate! Make a donation to an organization that supports the Down syndrome community.



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