Let’s Roam Partners with Pujols Family FoundationSeptember 10, 2020

By: Let’s Roam Staff Writer

Let’s Roam is proud to have partnered with The Pujols Family Foundation on their fundraising scavenger hunt. A founding core value of Let’s Roam is ‘Make a Positive Impact’. From the beginning, they have been committed to philanthropic work and working with non-profit organizations to support their missions in ways big and small.  “In all that we do, we seek to make a positive impact on our community and on our world. Charity work, meaningful donations, fundraising, and giving back have been at our company’s core from the beginning.”, says Let’s Roam’s Co-Founder and CEO Charlie Harding.

In Let’s Roam’s history, they have made in-kind donations to hundreds of non-profit organizations, totaling over $250,000. They welcome donation requests from any charity doing important work and prioritize volunteering in their local community as a full staff.  In addition, they regularly partner with non-profit organizations to produce/create fundraising events and to meaningfully aid the people they serve. Each partnership is tailored to the mission and needs of the individual non-profits. Any non-profit that is looking for a unique way to put on an event are encouraged to fill out Let’s Roam’s partnership request form. The Let’s Roam team is event planning experts with extensive experience and can serve as a fundraiser planner’s best friend. 

The Let’s Roam team was excited by the opportunity to partner with Pujols Family Foundation. We are inspired by their work and all of the good that they do for our world. We are proud that we are able to offer a safe solution for The Pujols Family Foundation supporters. At the beginning of the year, Let’s Roam hadn’t yet built what would become an in-demand product offering (in-home scavenger hunts).

Let’s Roam is an adventure and exploration company whose mission is to help people explore, connect, and discover new things. Their innovation has led to the creation of one-of-a-kind experiences and city scavenger hunts around the world and team building adventures. When COVID-19 hit, like many industries, Let’s Roam had to pivot. Their scavenger hunts were all outdoors in cities, leaving no option for those self-isolating and on lockdown. So, they brainstormed, they created, and they built in-home scavenger hunts that helped people explore and adventure without leaving home. These in-home hunts have allowed to provide a new service to foundations and non-profits, allowing them to continue to host events in lieu of their in-person fundraisers.

Let’s Roam is on a mission to show the world that adventure is everywhere, you just need to know where to find it. Every Let’s Roam product is handcrafted by a team of dedicated adventure experts. They have over 400 hunts in 23 countries and offer 13 different activities. Their passion for connection, exploration, and discovery continually drives their work. “As a company, we value outside-the-box thinking and building next-level technology. We are constantly growing, constantly innovating, and constantly working to help people explore, discover, and connect. We are grateful that The Pujols Family Foundation allowed us to support their work using our innovations. We hope to partner with them again to further their mission.”, says Let’s Roam co-founder a CFO Michael Harding.


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