Mother Daughter Pajama PartyNovember 23, 2016

Mother Daughter Pajama Party
By: Gabrielle Fales

A night to which no one wanted to say “Let it Go”
Imagine having a party with 100 of your friends, all the junk food you could possibly need for the night, a big screen TV showing your favorite movie, and all of the makings of a picture perfect slumber party…

This is exactly what the moms and daughters who attended our Mother Daughter Pajama Party on July 22 were able to experience. Upon entering the front doors of Living Word United Methodist Church in Wildwood, Missouri, the girls and their moms were greeted by our friendly volunteers who checked them in and passed out goodie bags. Then the real magic began- the worship center of Living Word was turned into the ultimate pajama party zone.

Icy blue uplighting on either side of the big screen showing the movie helped to set the mood for our Frozen themed night. One summer intern, Marion, says her favorite part of the night was watching a group of girls take the stage and join Elsa in singing “Let It Go”. Slipper sock and pillow case making stations lined the walls of the room, with plenty of brightly colored puff paint to decorate each. A popcorn bar in the back of the room featured a selection of sweet and savory mix-ins for a twist on a classic slumber party favorite snack. Stations for manicures and hair braiding proved to be popular throughout the evening.  Intern Gabbie loved spending the majority of the night braiding the girls’ hair. “Most said they wanted one braid like Elsa, or two like Ana. It was awesome to see how excited they were to be pampered for the night.”

In the adjoining room, pizza, ice cream, and soda were served with space for everyone to sit, talk, and enjoy their food. Girls were able to decorate cookies and make cereal necklaces or watch the incredible balloon artist (from Way Cool Balloons) make a masterpiece. He created everything from snow globes that lit up, to a perfect rendition of a balloon Little Mermaid, to an out of this world alien. A Frozen themed photo booth complete with cardboard cutouts of the princesses and feather boas was available for all the picture taking moms and daughters could desire.

While Mother Daughter events take place every year, this was the first time the Pujols Family Foundation put on a pajama party. Based on the amount of singing, dancing, laughing, and talking seen that night, it is safe to say it was a hit! Some moms and daughters went all out with matching pajamas, face masks and even hair curlers. The night included all of the perks of a pajama party without the exhaustion of staying up all night. From 2 to 22, there was something for every daughter to enjoy. Every girl left the night with a full stomach, a goodie bag, completed crafts, and a door prize. Brittany, another summer intern, summed up the event well: “I loved the variety of activities and laid back atmosphere. There was something for every age group which provided a community for both the mothers and daughters.”

Special thanks to: Anthem for their hard work in planning and for providing supplies and volunteers, Living Word United Methodist Church for providing a beautiful space, supplies, and volunteers. The event would not have been possible without their help. Thank you to Papa John’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery for providing food, Way Cool Balloons, our photographers Ryan Gallagher and Zach Ruble, and all of our wonderful volunteers.


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