2005 – O’ Night Divine, Limited Edition Print. Signed by Albert Pujols



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This Limited Edition print is numbered to only 700 pieces worldwide. These wonderful fine art prints were created by artist, Rick Rush, exclusively for the Pujols Family Foundation gala in 2005.  Albert will never sign the complete run of 700. He will only sign up to the number of guests anticipated for the gala. It is estimated that only 250 of these prints were actually autographed by Albert in 2005. An estimated 100+ of these prints were either lost or stolen at the gala that night in 2005. None of the ‘missing’ prints have surfaced since.

The value of each print is based on number signed, accomplishments of that year and demand for the image. We have very limited numbers of any given print, in our inventory. These numbers are based solely on overage estimates from the gala that year.  Once we are sold out. We are sold out. We will never recreate or have Albert sign additional prints from any addition. 100% of these proceeds go to support the on-going work of the Pujols Family Foundation. 

2005 was the very first year of the Pujols Family Foundation and the very first O’ Night Divine Christmas Gala. The images signed was a tribute to Albert’s first National League MVP award and a sketch for a much larger serigraph that was being created by sports artist Rick Rush.  This image is autographed in blue sharpie and is authenticated by Rick Rush. The print measures approximately 8″x 10″

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2006 - O' Night Divine, Limited Edition Print. Signed by Albert Pujols