Pujols Foundation Launches New Sponsorship ProgramDecember 14, 2018

On December 1, at the O’ Night Divine Christmas Celebration, the Pujols Family Foundation launched a brand new program in the Dominican Republic: Con Gracia.

For 13 years, the Pujols Family Foundation has been serving in Batey Aleman in the Dominican Republic, proving medical and dental care, clean water, new bedding, home and building repairs, and so much more to its people.

After years of building relationships with the people of Aleman, the Pujols Family Foundation has decided it is time to give this community the attention and support it deserves. Enter Con Gracia: a brand new sponsorship program in the Dominican Republic.

Con Gracia translated means “with grace.” It is the goal of the foundation to serve and support this community with grace, by listening to the needs of its people, and providing them the resources they need to not simply survive, but to thrive.

The Dominican Republic is a land of untamed natural beauty, oceanside beaches and resorts; a virtual paradise.

But, hidden away from these beautiful views, through the fields of sugar cane, live an unwanted people. A forgotten people who struggle to live day to day in a small village.

The people living in these villages, called bateys, struggle for many reasons: lack of resources, difficult living conditions, poor health, and few work opportunities. Batey Aleman is home to such a people.

While most are content to overlook this village, and the loving, hard-working people who call it home, Con Gracia is working to let them be seen.

Understanding this village takes more than simply meeting the needs of the community at large. It requires understanding the families that make up the community, and the individuals that make up the family.

With a focus on these three main areas–community, family and individual–great change is possible. By creating opportunities for those who previously had few, the village can be transformed from the inside out, and provided with what it needs most: hope.

1,263 people. 304 families. 1 community. Welcome to Con Gracia.

Like Con Gracia on Facebook, and check out http://congracia.org/ to learn more.


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