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Batter Up! Cooking Experience; A Volunteer’s Perspective

March 22, 2014

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By: Morgan Gunn

Saturday was an amazing day. It was a remarkable opportunity to work with those teens and young adults, particularly Sarah and Jace. These two students, which I taught in the group, were a pleasure and a joy to be around. They were very attentive and enthusiastic. They were always ready for what was next. I am happy that I was able to teach them something positive that could continuously be used in life as they did for me. I was also pleased that the parents were very interested as well and were asking questions to even better guide their child when cooking at home.

The emotions brought upon in this experience are hard to describe unless one participated in the event. It is an extraordinary feeling to not only know that you were able to teach someone something but were able to keep a smile on their face the whole way along. These students enjoyed all items that were created as well as the parents. I could not tell which was better between the bacon and vegetable frittata, the chicken salad wraps, or the granola bar with dried fruit and jam. They all were amazing and all were enjoyed and appreciated. Each of the dishes even had alternative options as well which made variety come from a certain technique. For example instead of the strawberry jam inside the granola bars, Nutella could be substituted.

To the Pujols Family Foundation, I say thank you for giving me the opportunity and experience like no other. I was able to take teaching skills as well as life skills that will better me as an individual and my career. I really look forward to the next event and hope to be able to tie this into my career somehow.


March 22, 2014
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